Mount Agamenticus and Nubble Lighthouse

Hiking Mt. Agamenticus

Hike Date: April 4, 2021

On a crisp spring day, we hiked a loop to Mount Agamenticus, Second Hill, and Third Hill close to the coast of Maine.


0 ft
Elevation Gain


Segment Distance

Total Distance

Route Description

0 mi0 miStart at the bottom of Mt. Agamenticus Road
0.3 mi0.3 miRing Trail to Blueberry Bluff Trail
0.3 mi0.6 miBlueberry Bluff Trail to Big A Trail
0.3 mi0.9 miBig A Trail across the summit of Mt. Agamenticus
0.2 mi1.1 miSweet Fern Trail to Chestnut Oak Trail
0.4 mi1.5 miChestnut Oak Trail to Ridge Trail
0.2 mi1.7 miRidge Trail to Second Hill
0.3 mi2 miRidge Trail to Incline Trail
0.2 mi2.2 miIncline Trail to Notch Trail
0.3 mi2.5 miNotch Trail to Wheel Trail
0.1 mi2.6 miWheel Trail to Third Hill Trail
0.1 mi2.7 miThrid Hill Trail to Ledge Trail
0.5 mi3.2 miLedge Trail to Third Hill Trail
0.1 mi3.3 miThird Hill Trail to Third Hill
0.6 mi3.9 miThird Hill Trail to Great Marsh Trail
0.1 mi4 miGreat Marsh Trail to Darter Trail
0.4 mi4.4 miDarter Trail to Notch Trail
0.8 mi5.2 miNotch Trail to Old Mountain Road
0.5 mi5.7 miRoad and trail past private property
0.2 mi5.9 miPorcupine Trail to Rocky Road Trail
0.2 mi6.1 miRocky Road Trail to Ring Trail
0.6 mi6.7 miRing Trail back to parking lot


This Mt. Agamenticus Trail Map should help you pick your own route on the extensive trail network if you choose.

In the springtime, we love to explore hikes a little bit closer to home and soak up non-snow covered trails. Just an hour and a half away from Boston, Mount Agamenticus was a perfect morning hike. It was very moderate, with only about 1,000 feet of elevation gain over seven miles, and provided some beautiful views of both the White Mountains and the ocean in the distance.

We parked at the bottom of Mt. Agamenticus Road where there was ample parking and a porta potty. We bounded up Ring Trail, turned left to cross the road, and quickly connected with Blueberry Bluff Trail which took us to the top of Mt. Agamenticus.

Start of Ring Trail
Turning of Blueberry Bluff Trail
Ascending Blueberry Bluff Trail

When we reached Agamenticus, we were pleasantly surprised by the summit area. There were multiple lookout platforms, benches, and a lot of educational plaques. They identify the trees and wildlife and describe the history of the location and the surrounding area. As two educators, we really enjoyed it!

View toward the White Mountains
View toward the ocean

After enjoying some time on the summit, we headed on toward Second Hill. With trail runners on our feet and a relatively flat path, we moved very quickly and arrived in no time at all. 

Trail heading to Second Hill
Last climb to Second Hill

From there, we continued to Third Hill. This was probably our favorite section because it was completely secluded–we only saw one other trail runner in this area. Some of the lower trails had some standing water from spring rains, but nothing too difficult to get through or around. After getting to Third Hill, we decided to take a different route back to Mt. Agamenticus and to the car. Most of this section was pretty mild and was made up of wide trails. At one point, we walked through a short section near some houses and private property. Pay attention to the signs to stay on the trail. 

Swampy trail section
Open section of Ledge Trail
Sign on Third Hill
Wide trails back to the parking lot

After hiking Agamenticus, we went to visit Nubble Lighthouse and spent time soaking up the sun and the smell of the ocean. And, when in Maine, we get seafood. We drove to Bob’s Clam Hut and picked up a lobster roll and shrimp basket. Overall, it was a beautiful day full of hiking, sightseeing, and delicious food. These are the kinds of Sundays that make us love living in New England! 

Nubble Lighthouse
Lobster roll and shrimp basket

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