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We are Kevin and Kathy, a New England-based married couple who share a passion for traveling, hiking, and trekking. We have been traveling around the country and the world together for over 15 years, but completing the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu in 2016 truly ignited our love for exploring places by foot. Since then, all of our trips have incorporated opportunities to walk or hike, whether for a couple of hours, a couple of weeks, or months. We’ve thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, hiked the 48 4,000 foot mountains in New Hampshire (all in winter as well), the 67 4,000 foot mountains in New England, walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain, section hiked most of the Long Trail, backpacked the Trans-Catalina Trail, biked through Vietnam and Cambodia, and explored National Parks.

Along the way, we’ve created detailed itineraries and captured our impressions of beautiful cities and natural spaces through drawing, taking photographs, and journaling. Then, we thought, why not share our reflections and knowledge with our family, friends, and those who love traveling as much as we do? With that, we created Trekking Sketches.

The phrase, “Trekking Sketches” encapsulates the essence of what we love about traveling: physically moving through space while sketching images, thoughts, and poems about how we experience the world around us. 

We hope that this blog will inspire your own adventures and help you make them happen! Enjoy our detailed itineraries, route descriptions, recommendations, photos, and packing lists.

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Educator. Yogi. Artist. Long-distance backpacker.

I have always been on the go — keeping myself busy with work and school. Although I love being an educator, carving out space for my self-care can be challenging. A decade ago, I discovered the meditative qualities of yoga. Years later, Kevin introduced me to hiking. Although I was reluctant to embrace it at first, I realized that its benefits were similar to my yoga practice. They both help me cultivate breath, movement, and gratitude for my body. I feel stronger and calmer. I’ve expanded my comfort zones, built physical and mental fortitude, found time for myself, connected with nature, and spent more quality time with my husband. If you see me taking a break on a trek, I am probably drawing or practicing handstands! 


Teacher. Hiker. Nature Lover. Poet. Outdoor Enthusiast.

I am a teacher whose first real backpacking experiences were chaperoning student trips. I loved hiking for days, gained outdoor skills along with my students, and decided to get myself out and exploring as much as possible. I feel best, both physically and mentally, when moving through space on my own power. Trekking grounds me with its strong meditative qualities. The rhythmic repetitive motion serves to quiet my conscious mind so that I fully experience and enjoy the moment and the incredible places I have the privilege of visiting. I try to record those moments, feelings, and places through photography, writing, and poetry.

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