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New England 67

Hiking the New England 67 4,000 Footers

After finishing hiking the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) New Hampshire 4,000 Footers list (NH48), we started hiking the New England 67 list, which includes the NH 48 in addition to 19 peaks in Vermont and Maine. In July 2021, we finished hiking all of the 67 on Katahdin Hamlin Peak! Blog posts for the rest of our 67 hikes coming soon. 


The Vermont 4,000 Footers (5)
MountainElevation in feet
Mount Mansfield4393
Killington Peak4235
Camel’s Hump4083
Mount Ellen4083
Mount Abraham4006

From AMC’s website

Long Trail Section 1

Section-hiked the first 70 miles of the Long Trail in Vermont from the Southern Terminus...

Long Trail Section 4

On our last LT section of the summer, we hiked SOBO from Eden’s Crossing to...

Mount Mansfield in Winter

On winter solstice, we hiked up Mount Mansfield–the tallest peak in Vermont–taking a relatively short...

Long Trail Section 2

This northbound (NOBO) section from Appalachian Gap to Smuggler’s Notch, which included two NE 4,000...

Sunset from Killington Peak Vermont

Long Trail Section 5

We summited Killington Peak, our 5th and final VT 4,000 footer on this NOBO Long...

Long Trail Section 3

On this southbound (SOBO) hike from Appalachian Gap to Middlebury Gap, we tagged two more...

Long Trail Gear List

Hiking the Long Trail in sections gave us plenty of opportunity to test gear and...


Old Speck Mountain

At near-peak fall foliage time, we hiked our first 4,000 footer in Maine, Old Speck...

New Hampshire


Presidential Traverse_Presis_View of Northern Presis

Presidential Traverse

Hiking the Presidential Range in one day, which includes the highest peak in the northeast...

Owl's Head_Summit Cairn

Owl’s Head

While not a fan favorite, we loved this 18.5 mile hike of Owl's Head to...

Single Day Pemi Loop

Hiking a single day Pemi Loop (31.5 mi, 9,000+ft of elevation gain) is a bucket...

2 day Pemi Loop

More than 33 miles over 2 days backpacking the Pemi Loop through some of the...




Isolation_Sunrise Landscape

Mount Isolation in Winter

Hiking Mount Isolation was the most difficult test of our entire NH48 journey: winter route-finding,...

Hancocks in Winter

Spent Valentine’s Day hiking up North and South Hancock in the White Mountains.Read the postHancocks...

Waumbek_Sunrise by Presis

Mount Waumbek

Our winter sunrise hike of Mount Waumbek in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with...

Kinsmans in Winter

Hiked the Kinsman Trail to North and South Kinsman where we saw the most breathtaking...

Osceolas in Winter

A cold but perfectly clear and windless day on East Osceola and Mount Osceola in...

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