Sandwich Mountain and Jennings Peak

On a crisp September day, we hiked two peaks on the New Hampshire 52 with a view list, Jennings Peak and Sandwich Mountain. 


Elevation Gain
0 ft


Segment Distance

Total Distance

Route Description

0 mi0 miStart at Sandwich Mountain Trailhead
2.8 mi2.8 miSandwich Mountain Trail to Jennings Peak Spur
0.2 mi3.0 miSpur trail to Jennings Peak
0.2 mi3.2 miReturn to Sandwich Mountain Trail
1.1 mi4.3 miSandwich Mountain Trail to summit of Sandwich Mountain
1.2 mi5.5 miSandwich Mountain Trail to Drakes Brook Trail
3.2 mi8.7 miDrakes Brook Trail back to trailhead


Note: Map mileage does not match stats because Gaia GPS tends to undercount it. Mileage stats were calculated using the White Mountain Guide and Trail Maps.

Jennings Peak

Since we finished hiking the 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire, we decided to explore more of the White Mountains. The 52 with a view list includes peaks in New Hampshire under 4,000 feet that boast, as the name alludes to, great views. Last weekend, we hiked two peaks, Jennings Peak and Sandwich Mountain as part of an approximate 9 mile loop. Sandwich Mountain is also on the AMC’s New England 100 Highest list.

We got to the Sandwich Mountain Trailhead parking lot around 9:30am and it was almost full already. It was pretty chilly, around 55 degrees, so we started moving quickly. This route is a reverse lollipop, so there are two ways to ascend. We chose to go up Sandwich Mountain Trail. It was not too challenging, but it did maintain a steady incline. There were a couple of fairly steep sections, but the rocks were nicely placed which made the steps relatively easy.

Sandwich Mountain Trail Sign
Steep and rocky trail

Once we got to Noon Peak, there were a few beautiful lookouts into the valley. The trail became relatively mild after that, meandering and undulating past open ledges with blueberry bushes and a view towards our destinations for the day: Jennings Peak and Sandwich Mountain.

View from Noon Peak
Ledges on the way to Jennings Peak

We passed by the trail that we would descend on our left as we kept moving up on Sandwich Mountain Trail. We shortly reached the juncture to take the 0.2 mile spur trail to Jennings peak, which stands at 3,406ft. This section is short and includes a relatively steep climb right before the peak. At the top, there are multiple ledges to sit on and take in the views. We found a nice, small place to sit and have a snack. The views from Jennings Peak were definitely better than those from Sandwich Mountain so we were glad we lingered for a bit.

Jennings Peak trail sign
Jennings Peak summit ledge
View from a ledge at Jennings Peak

Sandwich Mountain

After we enjoyed time at the peak, we got back to the juncture and turned right back on Sandwich Mountain Trail to head 1.1 miles up to Sandwich Mountain (3,986ft). This was a relatively quick and uneventful section that steadily climbed the beautiful trail. When we got to the summit, it was extremely crowded, so we snapped a quick picture and made our way back to the Jennings Peak juncture where there was a nice open space with a log perfect for a lunch break. 

Trail going up to Sandwich Mountain
View from Sandwich Mountain

After, we headed down the trail and turned right on Drakes Brook Trail to return to the parking lot. We enjoyed the fairly flat walk in the woods to end the day!

Flat, sun-speckled trail
Flat trail towards the parking lot

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